The Crochet Odyssey: From the 17th Century to the Crazy Hook Store

L'odyssée du Crochet : Du 17ème Siècle au Crazy Hook Store - The Crazy Hook Store
The epic tale of the Wall Hook through the ages

Ah, the 17th century! A time when the word 'hashtag' was still only a distant whisper in the imagination of future generations, and where 'wall hook' did not designate a new yoga posture. It was a time when hooks weren't just hooks, but invitations to splendor. The story goes that an artisan, probably dressed in some great bloomers, created the very first wall hook. At Crazy Hook Store, we decided to go back in time, without a machine or Delorean , to pay tribute to him.

The Renaissance of Crochet at Crazy Hook Store

Imagine a workshop, where each wood shaving falling to the ground is an ancestral tweet announcing the birth of a new wall hook. It was there, under the flickering light of the candles (because EDF was not yet relevant), that Crazy Hook Store reinvented crochet, adding a pinch of modernity and a hint of magic. 3D printing.

A Legacy Hanging on Our Walls

Over the centuries, it's not just coats and hats that have found a home on our hooks, but stories, secrets and maybe a few vintage cobwebs. At Crazy Hook Store, every wall hook is like a dusty old book, except it won't sneeze in your face when you open it.

First Hook from the Crazy Hook Store

Ancient Crafts Meet Modern Technology

Diving their hands into the treasure chest of history, the Crazy Hook Store team has resurrected ancestral techniques and merged them with the futurism of 3D printing. The result ? A wall hook that tells an exciting story every time you hang your keys on it.

First Hook in History

More Than Just Crochet: A Piece of History

Remember, the next time you hang something on a hook in our house, that you are holding in your hands a piece from 1612, when Shakespeare wrote his text messages in iambic verse. At Crazy Hook Store, every hook is an entry ticket to time travel – and much more convenient than a time machine, believe me.

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