What is the maximum weight that a Crazy Hook can support?

About 20 kg, 44 lbs or your big dog

Where are Crazy Hook Store hooks made?

In the city of NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. (But you can read our terms and conditions and find our address: Paris, France)

What happens if my Crazy Hook breaks?

Send us a photo and get ready to talk to the Captain!

Why are you so harsh?

Because we are hook sellers. Ahoy!

Do you ship everywhere?

Wherever the 7 seas can guide us, we will go with the flow.

Why does the pickle give the middle finger?

Pickles are corrosive. Middle fingers are corrosive.

Corrosive + corrosive = PIRATE

It's simple.

Can I give several hooks to a friend?

Everything is in the question. You better do it quickly. The hooks are super practical. You know it very well !